28th Sep 2018

In this last video on Revelation, the New Creation and the resurrection, we conclude with a look at what Revelation has to say about those connections. And it proves the resurrection was in AD 70! Source: Don K. Preston

26th Sep 2018

Revelation 6 may not mention the resurrection specifically, but that is exactly what it is about! Source: Don K. Preston

The substitutionary death of Christ is one of the pillars of the Gospel! Sam Frost and the Substitutionary Death of Christ A Theological Can of Worms The doctrine of the substitutionary death of Christ is one of the foundations of … more

25th Sep 2018

We are drawing our study of the resurrection to a close by examining the resurrection and the New Creation in the book of Revelation. The Resurrection and New Creation comes at the passing of the Old Creation. Source: Don K. … more

This book proves that the end of the Millennium was in the first century! I concluded the first installment in this series on the passing of heaven and earth and the end of the Millennium by taking note of the … more

24th Sep 2018

This video reinforces the earlier point, that the resurrection would occur at the end of the age. But, at the end of WHAT age? It cannot be the end of the endless Christian age! Source: Don K. Preston

23rd Sep 2018

Do you realize that there is not one futurist view of the resurrection that honors the framework and context for the New Creation / resurrection? NOT ONE! Something is wrong here! Source: Don K. Preston

22nd Sep 2018

In this final video in review of Joel Richardson’s book, Mystery Babylon, we examine Reelation 11:8 which serves as a definitive refutation of his claims that Babylon is Mecca and Islam. Source: Don K. Preston

20th Sep 2018

Isaiah’s prediction of the New Creation / Resurrection is clearly posited at the end of the Old Covenant age. Well, the New Covenant Age “NO END”! How then can the resurrection be at the end of the endless Christian age??? … more

19th Sep 2018

No matter our concept of the New Creation, it would be in fulfillment of Gods Old Covenant promises to Old Covenant Israel. If therefore, the New Creation is not fulfilled, Israel remain’s God’s covenant people! Source: Don K. Preston