Don Preston 3Don K. Preston, D.Div. (President of Preterist Research Institute – PRI; Author) – Annual PPW Host and BBC Conference; 2012 Criswell College Event Speaker, 2011 KC Prophecy Conference; 2009 Omaha Preterist Conference; 2007 Carlsbad Eschatology Conference; and many more!

Don was a 1975 graduate of the Northside School of Preaching, (seminary) Harrison, Arkansas. Don has been in public speaking since the age of 13 and was voted among the Jaycees’ “Outstanding Young Men of America,” 1980. Don’s preaching ministry spanned nearly four decades in two different cities; Shawnee and Ardmore, Oklahoma. Don worked for seven years helping to produce a television program for a Christian magazine which received national recognition in the magazine, “Christianity Today.”……………Read More >

William Bell 2William H. Bell Jr., M.Th. (All Things Fulfilled; Author) – Annual PPW; 2014 BBC Conference; 2011 KC Prophecy Conference; 2008 Carlsbad Eschatology Conference; and many more!

William Bell is the founder and President of “All Things Fulfilled Ministries,” a non-profit organization designed to educate the world about Covenant Eschatology and New Covenant Fulfilled Theology, also known as Preterism. William is co-host with Dr. Don K. Preston, on the show “Two Guys and A Bible,” which can be heard every Tuesday on Fulfilled Radio.

William is also the creator of “The Last Days DVD Series,” a 5 volume DVD set devoted to teaching people about a proper understanding of Biblical “End Times.” William has been studying Eschatology since 1977, and has spoken in many conferences, written many articles on the subject, and he has even authored a couple of books, including:  Have You Spoken in Tongues?, When Was the Law of Moses Fulfilled?, and Zionism – The Wolf in Judaism’s Clothing. He also continues to present video lessons on the subject through the social media network “YouTube.” You can catch more of William Bell at his website,

William is married and is self employed. He enjoys working from home, reading, writing, public speaking, teaching, coaching, music, playing bass guitar, recording, natural foods, boxing, and inspiring children.

Rod MacArthurRod MacArthur (Elder/Pastor of “Church of Auburn”) – 2011-2013, 2016 PPW

Rod MacArthur is the grandfather of six with roughly forty years of experience in preaching and teaching the Bible. Rod studied at U of W (1965–1969) to become a Chemical Engineer; but he changed directions in his senior year to enter ministry and hasn’t looked back. Rod studied diligently at Kirkland preacher training school from 1969–1971. Rod married Linda Rubel in 1970; they have three adult children together.

Rod began preaching in Moscow, ID in 1972; then to Spokane, WA; Terre Haute, IN; and now preaches in Auburn, WA. His hobbies are gardening: fruits, vegetables and roses, and he enjoys back-packing: he has twice been to the top of Half Dome in Yosemite. Rod has also worked with jail and prison inmates to help them turn their lives around and to give them hope for a better life.

Larry SiegelLarry Siegle – Annual PPW; 2011 South Carolina Preterist Conference; 1992-1999 Covenant Eschatology Seminar (Warren, Ohio); 1997 Oklahoma City Conference

Larry Siegle is a broadcast professional, having worked for radio stations in the San Francisco Bay Area (KDIA/KDYA), Colorado Springs (KPIK), Lufkin, Texas (KSPL/KIPR), Crane, Texas (KXOI) and Denver, Colorado (KLTT). Larry Siegle has served in the capacity of General Manager, Program Director, Sales Manager, DJ, and now as Owner/Manager of Covenant Key FM, in San Antonio. Larry Siegle has been a Minister, preaching the message of Fulfillment for more than 25 years, speaking on Covenant Eschatology Seminars in Warren, Ohio; Columbia, South Carolina; and Ardmore, Oklahoma.

Dallas BurdetteDr. Dallas Burdette, B.A., M.S., M.Div. (Amridge University) – 2016 PPW

Dallas Burdette has been a student, teacher and preacher of the Bible for sixty-five years, supporting himself for many years as an agent for AFLAC. He has written numerous articles for religious journals, as well as many essays and sermons which are available on his website ( He has developed a keen interest in promoting unity among God’s people through a more accurate reading of the Word. He has degrees from Amridge University (formerly Southern Christian University) where he also was Director of Extended Learning for five years. He holds the Doctor of Ministry degree (1999) from Erskine Theological Seminary. He has had twelve books published, including commentaries on Revelation, Daniel, a Defense of the Resurrection of Jesus, Christian Apologetics, Analysis of First Timothy, From Legalism to Freedom, Old Texts through New Eyes, and others dealing with various topics.