PPW LOGOEvery year Dr. Don K. Preston of the Preterist Research Institute hosts a conference in Ardmore, Oklahoma for the purpose of advancing the biblical understanding of Covenant Eschatology (known as Preterism). Dr. Preston and a host of invited guest speakers present arguments, lectures, debates, and merchandise tables where different topics related to eschatology are chosen and presented. In addition to the fellowship and learning that takes place, PRI also offers a variety of food and other catered items for the enjoyment of its guests. Over the years, attendees of PRI have traveled from all 50 states, and numerous international locations, which has grown in attendance nearly every year. What began as a simple seminar with only a few people, has now grown into a staple “must come” event for many since the inception of the PPW.

2016 Topic:  The Error of Amillennialism

This year’s PPW, July 14-16, will be dealing with the partial preterist position of “Amillennialism.” We will have five speakers, all of whom were formerly Amillennialists, sharing with us their journey away from Amillennialism and into the truth of Covenant Eschatology. They will share what it was they discovered that convinced them of the fact that their theological and church traditions were not Biblical.  Watch this video below as Don briefly addresses the question of eschatology, which is a sample of refuting the Amillennial views, among others!

The conference will also feature a debate between Dr. Preston and Dr. David Hester, professor of Bible at Faulkner University in Montgomery, Alabama.  Please visit our conference schedule page for more information.


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