21st Aug 2018

A Response to William Vincent’s “Until” Article — Sit At My Right Hand Until I Make Your Enemies Your Footstool Response #3 As promised, in this third installment in response to William Vincent’s article on the “until” passages of Acts … more

9th Aug 2018

My friend Dan Dery of Canada has shared four articles with me on Acts 1:9-11, where the angels told the apostles that Jesus would come, “in like manner.” We are told that this promise demands that Jesus will one day- … more

31st Jul 2018

The Judgment of the Nations and the Fall of Jerusalem One of the most common objections to Covenant Eschatology is that the fall of Jerusalem was far too local of an event to qualify for the end of the age. … more

23rd Jul 2018

How Was the Announcement of the Fall of Jerusalem the Good News of the Kingdom? #7 In our last installment of this series I shared some thoughts on the “good news of the kingdom” of Matthew 24:14, I shared some … more

26th Jun 2018

The Fall of Jerusalem Was the Time of The Glorification of the Saints One of the undeniable “good news” aspects of the fall of Jerusalem, that is, good newsfor the saints then– and now- was -and is- vindication. Related to … more

17th May 2018

James and the First Fruit of the Resurrection #2 Be sure to read the first installment of this two part series. James 1 introduces the idea of the end time harvest, the first fruit of the harvest. In chapter 5 … more

15th May 2018

The Birth of Death, The Birth of Life, The Death of Death! James and the First Fruit of the Resurrection The epistle of James is often overlooked, to some degree, in discussions of eschatology. When discussion does focus on the … more

24th Apr 2018

  Responding to the Critics – Refuting Postmillennialism / Dominionism Keith Mathison: The Resurrection Is Past!  #1 In 2009, Keith Mathison released a massive work entitled From Age To Age, The Unfolding of Biblical Eschatology, (P and R Publishing, Phillipsburg, … more

9th Apr 2018

Terry Cropper is a very good Bible student and has been involved in a study of the book of Luke for some time now. I am sharing his latest installment to share with our visitors. It is an excellent article … more

16th Feb 2018

Announcing an Exciting and Important New Book by Don K. Preston! I am super, super excited to announce the release of a brand new book! The book is entitled Marrying and Giving in Marriage…In the New Creation? See my YouTube … more