16th Feb 2018

Announcing an Exciting and Important New Book by Don K. Preston! I am super, super excited to announce the release of a brand new book! The book is entitled Marrying and Giving in Marriage…In the New Creation? See my YouTube … more

15th Jan 2018

REPLACEMENT THEOLOGY? Part 1 I was perusing some past issues of the Pre-Trib Perspectives, that was published by the late Tim Lahaye, and Thomas Ice. In the article, Ice castigated the non-millennial world for its view of what he calls … more

14th Aug 2017

Two Priesthoods and the Passing of the Law of Moses – #6 Sabbath and the Passing of the Law of Moses This series is investigating the question of whether two priesthoods, the Levitical and Christ’s could co-exist for the period … more

5th Aug 2013

This is the final presentation in this protracted discussion. McDonald’s Affirmative Rejoinder Brother Preston and interested readers: The proposition we have been discussing for my affirmative states:  “Resolved: The Bible teaches that the Second Coming of Christ, the resurrection and … more

4th Aug 2013

I appreciate the opportunity to engage in this exchange, although I must say that Jerry’s approach is more than troublesome. He has changed positions repeatedly on key verses, all the while denying it. He has argued for the authority of … more

2nd Aug 2013

McDonald’s Fourth Affirmative Brother Preston and interested readers: The proposition is:  “Resolved: The Bible teaches that the Second Coming of Christ, the resurrection and the Judgment will occur at the end of the current Christian age.” I appreciate the opportunity … more

6th May 2013

I am sharing with my visitors a review of my recent written debate with Olan Hicks. That written debate can be found on this website. Hopkins offers some very good insights into the debate, and I am happy to share … more

30th Apr 2013

We are sharing with our visitors some thoughts about the recent formal written debate between Olan  Hicks, long time minister of the churches of Christ, and Don K. Preston. Numerous Biblical passages were discussed in that exchange, and Hopkins is … more

29th Apr 2013

Recently, I engaged in a formal written debate with Olan Hicks, long time member of the churches of Christ and experienced debater. Response to that debate has been excellent. Jim Hopkins is an astute Bible student and read the debate … more

1st Apr 2013

Dispensational Dominionism- #3 The Gap Doctrine In July 2012, I debated Joel McDurmon (PhD), Director of Research of American Vision in Atlanta, GA. McDurmon said the Abrahamic Land promises must be fulfilled literally and physically in the future because Abraham … more