18th Sep 2018

Isaiah 66 predicted the calling of the nations– those who had never known the Lord- as a sacrifice to the Lord. Paul- apostle to the Gentiles, said he was offering them as a sacrifice to God! Source: Don K. Preston

The End of the Millennium Was in the First Century! The Destruction of Creation, Resurrection and the End of the Millennium I goes without saying that there is virtual unanimous agreement across all eschatological boundaries, that the destruction of “heaven … more

17th Sep 2018

Today’s video is a reinforcement of an earlier video– repetition is a good thing- showing that Paul’s doctrine of the coming of the Lord in flaming fire is the exception of the fulfillment of Isaiah 66. And this is virtually … more

15th Sep 2018

What Isaiah says about the New Creation contradicts all three views of futurist eschatology! Source: Don K. Preston

14th Sep 2018

Joel Richardson offers his final reason why Babylon of Revelation could not be Jerusalem. On the “surface” is almost sounds like a good argument. A closer look, however, reveals that argument to be fundamentally and fatally flawed! Source: Don K. … more

13th Sep 2018

The time of reformation is the time of the passing of the Law of Moses Imposed Until the Time of the Reformation – The Passing of the Law of Moses #2 Be sure to read the first installment of this … more

We are told that in the New Creation, there is no sin. Well, then why does the Bible say that there is Evangelism in the New Creation??? Source: Don K. Preston

11th Sep 2018

Isaiah 66 foretold the raising of the “Ensign” in the New Creation, for the purpose of calling the nations, those who had never known the Lord, never been ruled over Him– to come and participate in His Salvation Source: Don … more

10th Sep 2018

How Was the Announcement of the Fall of Jerusalem “the Gospel of the Kingdom”? #13 It Was When Man Could Enter the Most Holy Place and Receive Salvation!  It Was The End of the Ministration of Death! As I suggested … more

9th Sep 2018

If the Day of the Lord is over in a moment, in the twinkling of an eye, how could anyone escape? How could there be any survivors Source: Don K. Preston