16th Jan 2013

John the Baptizer is a challenging figure, idiosyncratic to say the least! His message thundered across the Judean landscape, calling Israel to repentance, in light of the “about to come wrath” (Matthew 3:7). One cannot read the accounts of the … more

9th Jan 2013

ACTS 3 AND THE PAROUSIA As we have seen, the word translated restoration is a distinctive word used by the prophets. Another word, diorthosis, is used to speak of the same thing in the Messianic prediction of Isaiah 62:7. JHVH … more

7th Jan 2013

This is the second in a series on Acts 3 and the Restoration of All Things. Be sure to read the first article. THE NATURE OF THE RESTORATION The nature of the restoration of Israel anticipated by the prophets is … more

2nd Jan 2013

We are glad to bring you another installment of Rod MacArthur’s series on Isaiah 2f. This is wonderful stuff, so be sure to read carefully and share it with others. Don K   Isaiah Two: “In the Last Days” As … more

18th Dec 2012

THE RESTORATION OF ALL THINGS Don K. Preston D. Div. As Peter and John entered the Temple area the crippled man implored them for alms (Acts 3). Unable to give that, they gave him a far greater gift, his health. … more

6th Dec 2012

GREAT EXPECTATIONS! HAVE YOU REALLY THOUGHT THESE THINGS THROUGH? By Frank R. Speer www.Lightshine.me     *Parenthesis and bolding are mine.   “Look! It’s Lois Lane and Jimmy Olsen, standing aside a school bus full of children on a collapsing … more

28th Nov 2012

Why Covenant Eschatology? What does “Covenant Eschatology” Mean? “Covenant Eschatology” is the term I prefer when discussing what is sometimes referred to as “the AD 70 doctrine.” It is more than a single doctrine. In fact, it shouldn’t be called … more

6th Nov 2012

The nature of the death of Adam, and thus, the nature of the resurrection is one of the most intersing and important of all Bible doctrines. There is tremendous controversy– and confusion about the resurrection. William Bell has posted a … more

31st Oct 2012

I am always honored to share with our visitors articles by my friend Rod MacArthur. He has spoken on our Preterist Pilgrim Weekends from time to time, and always brings great insight to share. Below is the first in a … more

24th Oct 2012

On September 2, 2012, I received an email from a gentleman from Australia who had been watching my YouTube videos. He was particularly concerned with the current events in Syria and the prophecy of Isaiah 17 about the destruction of … more