2nd Jan 2017

I am very, very excited to announce an upcoming seminar. this get together, study time, will be in Victoria, Tx., March 16-18, 2017. There is a group of excited Bible students, including some ministers, there, that have invited me to … more

9th Dec 2016

END OF THE AGE or END OF THE WORLD?–Which? BY Larry Siegle Theologian Andrew Perriman has a website that contains some very good articles and information. While he does not take a FULL preterist (fulfilled) approach to “all things written” … more

9th Aug 2016

The Great Apostasy A Critical Tenet of Eschatology – #1 Everyone would agree that the Great Apostasy is a significant aspect of eschatology. Charles Ryrie, representative of most Dispensationalists, said, “at the end of the church age THE great apostasy … more

21st Jun 2016

On 6/16/2016 7:21 AM, Adam … wrote: > > Hi don my name is Adam … I’m from Australia. First thank you for all you do. I have a question i hope you can shed some light on for me … more

6th Jun 2016

Preterist Pilgrim Weekend 2016 July 14, 2016, (Thursday evening) 5:00-6:45p – Registration 6:45-7:00p – Opening remarks & introductions (Dr. Don Preston) 7:00-9:00p – Debate (Dr. Don Preston & Dr. David Hester) July 15, 2016 (Friday) 8:30-9:15a – Larry Siegle- (The … more

27th May 2016

Dallas Burdette (Phd) of Montgomery, Alabama is an excellent Bible student. He is the author of several books, including a new one on Daniel, which is excellent! He sends out articles on a regular basis that are all worth reading. … more

13th May 2016

Don K. Preston recently released a major, 400 pages, new book, entitled The Resurrection of Daniel 12:2- Future or Fulfilled? The reception to this new book has been excellent, suggesting that many people are looking for answers to the question … more

12th May 2016

An Objection to Preterism, and A Response! Part 1 Don K. Preston D. Div. Among dispensationalists Zechariah 14 is considered a major problem for the preterist paradigm. “Zechariah 14 states that when Christ returns, His feet will touch the Mount … more

5th May 2016

Below is an email exchange about the nature of Jesus’ post-resurrection / pre-ascension body. Many people claim that Jesus was raised in an incorruptible body. I believe this is mis-guided, and below, I share just a few thoughts why I … more

15th Apr 2016

I am very excited to announce that we have finalized details and agreement for a two day formal debate, for Preterist Pilgrim Weekend, 2016! The debate will be between professor David Hester, adjunct professor at Faulkner University in Montgomery, Alabama, … more