25th Sep 2012

Olan Hicks – V – Don K. Preston Formal Written Debate Published Initially on the Focus On Truth Website Second Affirmative Presentation by Don K. Preston   It is the obligation of the negative in a debate to follow the … more

21st Sep 2012

Olan Hicks – First negative I am glad for the opportunity to participate in discussion of this subject. My thanks to Robert Waters and to all of you on the Focus on Truth list for hosting this quest for truth. … more

20th Sep 2012

We are posting the first installment of a new written debate between Olan Hicks, long time minister of the church of Christ, and Don K. Preston. The challenge for this debate originated on the Focus on Truth website, and was … more

19th May 2012

The April 2012 Bible Conference was a blessing to all who attended. You can relive a piece of that blessing by getting a copy of the lectures on an MP3 audio disc, or grab the DVD set to watch the … more

1st Jan 2012

In June, 2011 Joseph Vincent of “The Well” and Dr. Don K. Preston of “The Preterist Research Institute” (PRI) sponsored a conference dealing with prophecy and eschatology.  This  was an excellent conference, with featured speakers such as Alan Bondar of … more