26th Nov 2012

This is my final essay of the debate. I appreciate the privilege of participating. I want to thank Robert for hosting us on this list and to thank the listers for being patient through these lengthy presentations. I sincerely hope … more

10th Nov 2012

    Don K. Preston’s Third Negative Bless Olan’s heart! He just gets worse and worse! Olan is simply “preaching” not exegeting. He is not debating; he is pontificating. Oh, well, such is the situation. So, let me proceed. REVELATION 11 … more

9th Nov 2012

Olan Hicks – Third affirmative Don began his second affirmative with a complaint, telling us most emphatically that the negative in a debate is obligated to reply to the arguments of the affirmative. Well, where is that idea now? Why … more

7th Nov 2012

Review of Don K. Preston’s The End of the Law By Glenn Edmiston A Response to A Review By Don K. Preston My friend Glenn Edmiston has written a review of my book The End of the Law: From Torah … more

6th Nov 2012

The nature of the death of Adam, and thus, the nature of the resurrection is one of the most intersing and important of all Bible doctrines. There is tremendous controversy– and confusion about the resurrection. William Bell has posted a … more

    Hicks V- Preston Written Debate Don K. Preston’s Second Negative I did not think Olan could give a presentation worse than his earlier one.  I was wrong! Olan’s desperation is palpable. The difference between Olan and me is glaring. … more

5th Nov 2012

Olan Hicks — Second affirmative Don, you might want to notice that we are in the second half of this debate. You are not in the affirmative now, I am. Although I will reply again to some arguments you are … more

31st Oct 2012

I am always honored to share with our visitors articles by my friend Rod MacArthur. He has spoken on our Preterist Pilgrim Weekends from time to time, and always brings great insight to share. Below is the first in a … more

30th Oct 2012

Olan says I am frustrated. Somewhat true. I am frustrated because Olan refuses to deal with the overt statements of scripture. He falsely represents what he said. He makes blatantly false claims about what texts say or don’t say. He … more

26th Oct 2012

Olan Hicks — First affirmative The proposition: The Bible teaches that the second coming of Christ will be a return in person, visible to all, accompanied by the resurrection and judgment, and will occur at the end of the world. … more