13th Sep 2018

The time of reformation is the time of the passing of the Law of Moses Imposed Until the Time of the Reformation – The Passing of the Law of Moses #2 Be sure to read the first installment of this … more

We are told that in the New Creation, there is no sin. Well, then why does the Bible say that there is Evangelism in the New Creation??? Source: Don K. Preston

11th Sep 2018

Isaiah 66 foretold the raising of the “Ensign” in the New Creation, for the purpose of calling the nations, those who had never known the Lord, never been ruled over Him– to come and participate in His Salvation Source: Don … more

10th Sep 2018

How Was the Announcement of the Fall of Jerusalem “the Gospel of the Kingdom”? #13 It Was When Man Could Enter the Most Holy Place and Receive Salvation!  It Was The End of the Ministration of Death! As I suggested … more

9th Sep 2018

If the Day of the Lord is over in a moment, in the twinkling of an eye, how could anyone escape? How could there be any survivors Source: Don K. Preston

7th Sep 2018

Joel Richardson offers what can only be described as illogical, weak and false arguments in his attempt to show why Babylon of Revelation could not have been Jerusalem. Source: Don K. Preston

6th Sep 2018

Responding to the false claims of the Critics Responding to the Critics: A Response to William Vincent’s “Until” Article – #4 As we continue our Responding to the Critics series, be sure to read the previous installment in this series. … more

Isaiah’s description of the New Creation is the ground for John’s anticipation of the New Creation in Revelation. This correlation proves that the New Creation is not a physical reality! Source: Don K. Preston

5th Sep 2018

Well, today is video #300 in our study of 1 Corinthians 15! To celebrate, I am making a fantastic, limited time, special offer. Take advantage!! Contact me at: http://donkpreston.com/contact-us/ Source: Don K. Preston

4th Sep 2018

A third installment in our series Responding to the Critics, in this case William Vincent Responding to the Critics: A Response to William Vincent’s “Until” Article — Sit At My Right Hand Until I Make Your Enemies Your Footstool Response … more