2nd Oct 2013

Virtually all futurist commentators posit “the end” of 1 Corinthians 15:24f as the end of the Christian age– the “final end.” They see “the end” as the termination of Christ’s rule on the throne.  There is no need to take … more

24th Sep 2013

We have made excellent progress– although it has been slow– in processing the video for the recently completed formal public debate between popular radio host and author, Steve Gregg (partial preterist), and Don K. Preston, (full preterist) of Preterist Research … more

16th Sep 2013

In the previous articles we have documented how futurists seek to delineate between texts based on the absence of given words, or the use of different words. We have demonstrated the utter inconsistency of the apologists for the respective views, … more

11th Sep 2013

We are examining the flawed hermeneutic of the futurist apologists. When debating with one another, they both utilize this flawed hermeneutic, and then condemn it, when it is used by their opponents! Inconsistent? To say the very least! The Dominionists … more

28th Aug 2013

In our first two articles #1 #2 on this issue we have noted how futurists argue with one another and seek to condemn each other by appealing to a fatal hermeneutic. A brief refresher. The Dispensationalists claim that since the … more

12th Aug 2013

In our first article on this issue, I shared how Amillennialists, Postmillennialists and Dispensationalists all resort to what is commonly called an argument from silence. To illustrate, the Dispensationalists claims that because the word “church” is not found in Revelation … more

5th Aug 2013

This is the final presentation in this protracted discussion. McDonald’s Affirmative Rejoinder Brother Preston and interested readers: The proposition we have been discussing for my affirmative states:  “Resolved: The Bible teaches that the Second Coming of Christ, the resurrection and … more

4th Aug 2013

I appreciate the opportunity to engage in this exchange, although I must say that Jerry’s approach is more than troublesome. He has changed positions repeatedly on key verses, all the while denying it. He has argued for the authority of … more

2nd Aug 2013

McDonald’s Fourth Affirmative Brother Preston and interested readers: The proposition is:  “Resolved: The Bible teaches that the Second Coming of Christ, the resurrection and the Judgment will occur at the end of the current Christian age.” I appreciate the opportunity … more

29th Jul 2013

Sam Frost was once an advocate of Covenant Eschatology. However, he abandoned that view. A little over a year ago, Sam challenged me to debate him, insisting that there was a tremendous amount of interest in such a debate, and … more