18th Oct 2012

Dishonest Don: Preston Get’s Caught! A Brief Response #1 On the Reign of Christ blog, Paul Gates posted an article with the title above. The article impugns my integrity in a variety of ways, so I want to address some … more

15th Oct 2012

As reported earlier on this site, I had received an invitation to present the preterist, (fulfilled) view of the millennium, at the Criswell College in Dallas, Texas. This last Friday, October 12, 2012, I was privileged to present that paper, … more

10th Oct 2012

Olan Hicks –Third negative Too often in a debate the all consuming objective is to win the debate regardless of tactics necessary to do it. But the subject we are discussing is much more important than winning or losing a … more

8th Oct 2012

Olan Hicks – V – Don K. Preston Third Affirmative by Don K. Preston Frankly, I was hoping for more of a debate, but, having discussed eschatology with Olan before, I feared it would be “more of the same.” I … more

2nd Oct 2012

Olan Hicks – Second negative The theory Don is affirming is a little slippery and not easy to examine. It is produced by a thought process that is not according to ordinary exegetical procedures. It is made unnecessarily complex by … more

25th Sep 2012

Olan Hicks is a long time minister in the churches of Christ. I have known him for many years as well. Olan and I have “cross swords” from time to time over the issue of eschatology. Just recently, on the … more

Olan Hicks – V – Don K. Preston Formal Written Debate Published Initially on the Focus On Truth Website Second Affirmative Presentation by Don K. Preston   It is the obligation of the negative in a debate to follow the … more

21st Sep 2012

Olan Hicks – First negative I am glad for the opportunity to participate in discussion of this subject. My thanks to Robert Waters and to all of you on the Focus on Truth list for hosting this quest for truth. … more

20th Sep 2012

We are posting the first installment of a new written debate between Olan Hicks, long time minister of the church of Christ, and Don K. Preston. The challenge for this debate originated on the Focus on Truth website, and was … more

19th May 2012

The April 2012 Bible Conference was a blessing to all who attended. You can relive a piece of that blessing by getting a copy of the lectures on an MP3 audio disc, or grab the DVD set to watch the … more