2nd Jul 2014

RED HEIFER OR RED HERRING? We first began hearing about it around 1997 or so. Chuck Missler discussed the birth of a red heifer, suggesting that the time of the end was near. Unfortunately for all the end time speculators, … more

2nd Jul 2013

James and the Last Days? The epistle of James is a great source for a practical study that encourages endurance through tribulation, ethical living, and a pure heart before God.  In addition it is also another epistle that can provide … more

28th Jun 2013

Email Correspondence: A Question About Israel / Judah and God’s Divorce and Remarriage Be sure to read part #1. A viewer of my YouTubes and visitor to our websites recently submitted the following questions on the issue of Israel / … more

25th Jun 2013

We always appreciate hearing from our visitors and those who view our YouTube videos. Just recently, we received and excellent question– and an important question– from one of our regular visitors. Our visitor, “Chris” submitted a list of questions. Below … more

4th Jun 2013

Isaiah 49:5f is one of the key OT texts that foretold the last days gathering of Israel. We are examining some of those key prophecies and demonstrating that the modern claim that the “restoration” of Israel in 1948 was teh … more

30th May 2013

Thomas Ice and Tim LaHay claim that the restoration of “Israel” in 1948 constitutes the greatedst proof possible that we are living in the last days. Of course, they conveniently fail to mention to their readers that their entire time … more

23rd May 2013

We are told by our Dispensational friends that the “regathering” or re-establishment of Israel in 1948 was a sure signt ath we are in teh last days, the last generation before the coming of the Lord. Of course, it has … more

14th May 2013

In modern evangelical (Dispensational) circles, the dramatic political and military events of 1948 were an incredible, visible fulfillment of ancient prophecy– so we are told. In fact, Zionists such as Thomas Ice and Tim LaHaye  tell us that the re-gathering … more

7th Feb 2013

Gary DeMar has written some excellent material on the end times, including his book Last Days Madness, which is available here. Below is an excellent article written by DeMar and recently published on the American Vison Website. ***************************** I’ve been … more