14th Mar 2017

Be sure to read installment #1 in this short series on “The Loss of Identity.” In our modern world, where the conflict over the land of Israel is focused on “Israel” it is absolutely critical to understand what the Bible … more

13th Mar 2017

This is the last installment of our examination of the doctrine of Blood Atonement, i.e. the avenging of the martyrs, and its relationship to eschatology. Be sure to read the previous installments #1   #2   #3   #4   #5 Look now at … more

9th Mar 2017

We continue without our examination of the doctrine of Blood Atonement and the last days. Be sure to read the previous installments in which I demonstrate how pervasive the doctrine of the avenging of the blood of the martyrs is … more

9th Jan 2017

Terry Cropper is an excellent Bible student and writer. We are pleased from time to time to offer our visitors an article by Terry. In this article, Terry shares with us a few thoughts about the incredible importance of John … more

9th Aug 2016

The Great Apostasy A Critical Tenet of Eschatology – #1 Everyone would agree that the Great Apostasy is a significant aspect of eschatology. Charles Ryrie, representative of most Dispensationalists, said, “at the end of the church age THE great apostasy … more

10th Jul 2014

The Red Heifer Sacrifice– A Look at the Ceremony From Scripture With all of the claims being made that a pure red heifer has been born (April, 2014) and that this signifies that we are in the last days, and … more

2nd Jul 2014

RED HEIFER OR RED HERRING? We first began hearing about it around 1997 or so. Chuck Missler discussed the birth of a red heifer, suggesting that the time of the end was near. Unfortunately for all the end time speculators, … more

2nd Jul 2013

James and the Last Days? The epistle of James is a great source for a practical study that encourages endurance through tribulation, ethical living, and a pure heart before God.  In addition it is also another epistle that can provide … more

28th Jun 2013

Email Correspondence: A Question About Israel / Judah and God’s Divorce and Remarriage Be sure to read part #1. A viewer of my YouTubes and visitor to our websites recently submitted the following questions on the issue of Israel / … more

25th Jun 2013

We always appreciate hearing from our visitors and those who view our YouTube videos. Just recently, we received and excellent question– and an important question– from one of our regular visitors. Our visitor, “Chris” submitted a list of questions. Below … more