10th May 2017

Upcoming Formal Debate on YouTube / FaceBook! Pickett -V Preston Exchange on the Salvation of Israel– Romans 11:25-27 We want to remind everyone to be tuning in tonight May 10, 2017, for a livestream formal debate between Dr. Himie Pickett, … more

8th May 2017

The Passing of The Law of Moses and Sam Frost’s Growing Desperation – #3 What About Those OT Prophecies of the Passing of “Heaven And Earth”? As noted in our second installment responding to Sam Frost’s article on Matthew 5:17-18 … more

31st Mar 2017

The current series builds on comments made by Sam Frost, former preterist, and Howard Denham on a FaceBook page in which they claim that Covenant Eschatology is a false doctrine. They were actually responding to a YouTube series that I … more

29th Mar 2017

Sam Frost and Howard Denham on Martyr Vindication #4 Be sure to read the previous three installments in this series, in which I respond to comments made on FaceBook by Sam Frost and Howard Denham. #1   #2   #3 Back to … more

28th Mar 2017

Sam Frost and Howard Denham – #3 Be sure to read the first two installments in this series to fully appreciate what I will present here and in the following installments. Here is #1. Here is #2. Let me call … more

26th Mar 2017

Be sure to read the first installment of this discussion before proceeding here. Sam Frost, former preterist and Howard Denham (a hateful, caustic church of Christ preacher) recently “teamed up” to attack my YouTube video series on 1 Corinthians 15, … more

23rd Mar 2017

Sam Frost / Howard Denham’s Fatal Argument #1 Sam Frost, former preterist, and Howard Denham, hateful church of Christ “minister” have recently joined forces (talk about a strange partnership!) to supposedly refute Covenant Eschatology. Now, I un-friended and blocked Denham … more

20th Mar 2017

With the background of article #2 in mind, and how Jesus was indicating in the strongest of ways, that there was a tremendous “loss of identity” that Israel should have always seen coming, I want now to turn to briefly … more

14th Mar 2017

Be sure to read installment #1 in this short series on “The Loss of Identity.” In our modern world, where the conflict over the land of Israel is focused on “Israel” it is absolutely critical to understand what the Bible … more

13th Mar 2017

This is the last installment of our examination of the doctrine of Blood Atonement, i.e. the avenging of the martyrs, and its relationship to eschatology. Be sure to read the previous installments #1   #2   #3   #4   #5 Look now at … more