28th Feb 2018

Did Daniel 9 Predict the Coming of Antiochus Epiphanes or Jesus?  #2 A Comparative look at Isaiah 26-27 and Daniel 9: Parallel Messianic Texts In our first installment, examining the claim that Daniel 9 is not Messianic, we noted how … more

23rd Jan 2018

Replacement Theology – A Refutation #2 Be sure to read the first installment of this two part series for points # 1 and 2 Third, and as a direct corollary to the second point, Paul taught that to join Christ … more

15th Jan 2018

REPLACEMENT THEOLOGY? Part 1 I was perusing some past issues of the Pre-Trib Perspectives, that was published by the late Tim Lahaye, and Thomas Ice. In the article, Ice castigated the non-millennial world for its view of what he calls … more

14th Mar 2017

Be sure to read installment #1 in this short series on “The Loss of Identity.” In our modern world, where the conflict over the land of Israel is focused on “Israel” it is absolutely critical to understand what the Bible … more

17th Jul 2013

The Preterist Pilgrim Weekend 2013 will focus on the theme The Tabernacle of God is With Man. This exciting and challenging theme will be developed by six great speakers. You really don’t want to miss this great event! But if … more

16th Jul 2013

We are very pleased to have Rod MacArthur as one of our guest speakers at this year’s Preterist Pilgrim Weekend. Rod is an excellent student of the Word, and below, he shares some insights with us from one of his … more

15th Jul 2013

Most academics agree that the Garden of Eden was the original “Temple of God,” The eschatological implications of this, in light of the NT teaching about the Temple are absolutely incredible. In fact, the Temple promises are nothing less than … more

14th Jul 2013

The following article by Oscar Miles, minister for the Ardmore Family of God, in Ardmore, Oklahoma, will help set the stage for understanding the incredibly significance of the Biblical promises of God establishing His Temple / Tabernacle among man. It … more

10th Jul 2013

The Messianic Temple and Daniel 9:24– Fulfilled or Future? Daniel 9:24 said “Seventy Weeks are determined…. to anoint the Most Holy.” Scholars are somewhat divided over what the “Most Holy” is. Some say it is a referent to Jesus and … more

9th Jul 2013

The Messianic Temple as Resurrection One thing that is missed by some commentators is that the Garden of Eden was itself considered to be a Temple. Greg Beale in his excellent book The Temple and the Church’s Mission, demonstrates this … more