7th Aug 2017

Two Priesthoods and the Passing of the Law of Moses – #4 The Role of John the Baptizer This series is investigating the question of whether two priesthoods, the Levitical and Christ’s could co-exist for the period between the Cross … more

10th May 2017

Upcoming Formal Debate on YouTube / FaceBook! Pickett -V Preston Exchange on the Salvation of Israel– Romans 11:25-27 We want to remind everyone to be tuning in tonight May 10, 2017, for a livestream formal debate between Dr. Himie Pickett, … more

20th Mar 2017

With the background of article #2 in mind, and how Jesus was indicating in the strongest of ways, that there was a tremendous “loss of identity” that Israel should have always seen coming, I want now to turn to briefly … more

14th Mar 2017

Be sure to read installment #1 in this short series on “The Loss of Identity.” In our modern world, where the conflict over the land of Israel is focused on “Israel” it is absolutely critical to understand what the Bible … more

5th Nov 2013

  I received the following question from one of our visitors and want to share his important question and my answer.   Does the Church Replace Israel On 11/4/2013 12:00 PM, Richard wrote: <Hi,  Don  !                                                         Nov. 4,  2013 After  … more