13th Aug 2018

THE COMING OF THE LORD “IN LIKE MANNER” A Study of Acts 1:9-11 Part 2 Having already refuted the common futurist interpretation of in “just the same way” (hos tropos), and having therefore demonstrated what Acts 1:9-11 does not teach, … more

13th Feb 2018

Dispensational Theology and Isaiah 66 –  #5 Well, somehow I omitted this installment and went right to #6. Be sure to read this article and then #6. As we have seen, the postponement doctrine is foundational to Dispensationalism. Thomas Ice … more

23rd Jan 2018

Replacement Theology – A Refutation #2 Be sure to read the first installment of this two part series for points # 1 and 2 Third, and as a direct corollary to the second point, Paul taught that to join Christ … more

23rd Oct 2013

We have stated many times, and in many venues that the partial preterists are inconsistent in affirming a future “end of human history.” We have stated that the partial preterist hermeneutic leads– if consistently applied– to the true preterist paradigm. … more