21st Aug 2018

A Response to William Vincent’s “Until” Article — Sit At My Right Hand Until I Make Your Enemies Your Footstool Response #3 As promised, in this third installment in response to William Vincent’s article on the “until” passages of Acts … more

26th Jul 2018

A Response to William Vincent’s “Until” Article- Response #1 Just recently, Mr. William Vincent, a regular poster on preterist Facebook pages, offered an article supposedly critiquing the preterist and full preterist views of eschatology. That article, “The Until Passages” claimed … more

15th Jul 2018

Was the Fall of Jerusalem the Good News of the Kingdom? #6 In my last installment I shared with you that no matter what else we might think of the Olivet Discourse, one thing is certain. Jesus linked the eschatological … more

23rd Apr 2018

How to Understand the Bible — Guest Article by Terry Cropper Did you know when we are reading the New Testament we are really reading someone else’s mail? We will never fully appreciate scripture until we understand how the original … more

11th Apr 2018

  The following is a transcription of one of my recent YouTube videos on the resurrection of 1 Corinthians 15. Paul and the “Body of Sin” and the “Body of Death” We have been focused over the last several videos … more

3rd Jan 2018

Dispensational Theology and Isaiah 66 – #4 Be sure to read the previous installments in this important series. Keep in mind that Dispensationalism says that God had to postpone the prophetic countdown- the Seventy weeks of Daniel 9- due to … more

2nd Jan 2018

Dispensational Postponement Theology and Isaiah 66 – #3 When Paul, in Romans 10-11, cites the Song of Moses and Isaiah 65-66 and applies those prophecies to Israel of his day, his ministry then it seems hermeneutically untenable to ignore that … more

8th Dec 2017

What About The Imminence of the Coming of the Lord In the OT? Opponents of Covenant Eschatology point out that several OT prophets claimed that the “Day of the Lord” was “near, at hand, etc.,” in their day (e.g., Ezekiel … more

5th Nov 2015

Kenneth Gentry V Kenneth Gentry A Classic Case of Self-Entrapment Kenneth Gentry is a man that I respect a great deal. He is an excellent writer and his work on the dating of Revelation is, in my estimation, the best … more

16th Sep 2013

In the previous articles we have documented how futurists seek to delineate between texts based on the absence of given words, or the use of different words. We have demonstrated the utter inconsistency of the apologists for the respective views, … more