3rd Jan 2018

Dispensational Theology and Isaiah 66 – #4 Be sure to read the previous installments in this important series. Keep in mind that Dispensationalism says that God had to postpone the prophetic countdown- the Seventy weeks of Daniel 9- due to … more

2nd Jan 2018

Dispensational Postponement Theology and Isaiah 66 – #3 When Paul, in Romans 10-11, cites the Song of Moses and Isaiah 65-66 and applies those prophecies to Israel of his day, his ministry then it seems hermeneutically untenable to ignore that … more

8th Dec 2017

What About The Imminence of the Coming of the Lord In the OT? Opponents of Covenant Eschatology point out that several OT prophets claimed that the “Day of the Lord” was “near, at hand, etc.,” in their day (e.g., Ezekiel … more

5th Nov 2015

Kenneth Gentry V Kenneth Gentry A Classic Case of Self-Entrapment Kenneth Gentry is a man that I respect a great deal. He is an excellent writer and his work on the dating of Revelation is, in my estimation, the best … more

16th Sep 2013

In the previous articles we have documented how futurists seek to delineate between texts based on the absence of given words, or the use of different words. We have demonstrated the utter inconsistency of the apologists for the respective views, … more

11th Sep 2013

We are examining the flawed hermeneutic of the futurist apologists. When debating with one another, they both utilize this flawed hermeneutic, and then condemn it, when it is used by their opponents! Inconsistent? To say the very least! The Dominionists … more

28th Aug 2013

In our first two articles #1 #2 on this issue we have noted how futurists argue with one another and seek to condemn each other by appealing to a fatal hermeneutic. A brief refresher. The Dispensationalists claim that since the … more

12th Aug 2013

In our first article on this issue, I shared how Amillennialists, Postmillennialists and Dispensationalists all resort to what is commonly called an argument from silence. To illustrate, the Dispensationalists claims that because the word “church” is not found in Revelation … more

26th Jul 2013

A flawed hermeneutic leads to distorted doctrine. This is so axiomatic as to be beyond dispute. What I will do in this and following articles is to demonstrate that all three futurist views of the “end times” incorporate and utilize … more

18th Mar 2013

We continue our examination of an article, sent to us by a reader, with the above title. We have examined the claims that the “restoration of Israel in 1948″ is a positive sign of the end, and several other of … more