12th Jul 2018

Here is a link for watching the Preterist Pilgrim Weekend! The first speech is this evening– July 12, 2018– at 7 PM central. Don’t miss it! Don’t forget, if you can help with our expenses it will be greatly appreciated! … more

14th Jun 2018

You don’t want to miss this year’s Preterist Pilgrim Weekend, July 12-14! Theme is Back To Basics, with five great speakers!   Take a look at the trailer and be sure to call or email and let us know you … more

11th May 2018

Preterist Pilgrim Weekend 2018, Hotel Discount Offered We are glad to offer discount rates at the SpringHill Suites Hotel that is right there close to the Ardmore Convention Center, where the Preterist Pilgrim Weekend  2018 will be held July 12-14, … more

2nd Jan 2017

I am very, very excited to announce an upcoming seminar. this get together, study time, will be in Victoria, Tx., March 16-18, 2017. There is a group of excited Bible students, including some ministers, there, that have invited me to … more

24th Sep 2013

We have made excellent progress– although it has been slow– in processing the video for the recently completed formal public debate between popular radio host and author, Steve Gregg (partial preterist), and Don K. Preston, (full preterist) of Preterist Research … more

29th Jul 2013

Sam Frost was once an advocate of Covenant Eschatology. However, he abandoned that view. A little over a year ago, Sam challenged me to debate him, insisting that there was a tremendous amount of interest in such a debate, and … more

15th Oct 2012

As reported earlier on this site, I had received an invitation to present the preterist, (fulfilled) view of the millennium, at the Criswell College in Dallas, Texas. This last Friday, October 12, 2012, I was privileged to present that paper, … more

19th May 2012

The April 2012 Bible Conference was a blessing to all who attended. You can relive a piece of that blessing by getting a copy of the lectures on an MP3 audio disc, or grab the DVD set to watch the … more

1st Jan 2012

In June, 2011 Joseph Vincent of “The Well” and Dr. Don K. Preston of “The Preterist Research Institute” (PRI) sponsored a conference dealing with prophecy and eschatology.  This  was an excellent conference, with featured speakers such as Alan Bondar of … more