28th May 2017

Preterist Pilgrim Weekend 2017 is coming soon! July 13-15, and Preterist Pilgrim Weekend 2017, is fast approaching! We are very, very excited about this year’s PPW. We have five great speakers lined up, three of whom have never spoken on … more

6th Mar 2017

The seminar  in Victoria, Texas, near Houston, is approaching rapidly! Here are some more details on the venue and the schedule. Come out and be with us, March 16-18, 2017! Venue: The Officers Club > 333 Bachelor Drive > Victoria, … more

2nd Jan 2017

I am very, very excited to announce an upcoming seminar. this get together, study time, will be in Victoria, Tx., March 16-18, 2017. There is a group of excited Bible students, including some ministers, there, that have invited me to … more

29th Apr 2015

Second Formal YouTube Debate with Dr. Michael Brown Confirmed! I am thrilled to announce that we now have a confirmed date for a second formal YouTube debate between Dr. Michael Brown and Dr. Don K. Preston. Dr. Brown and Dr. … more

6th Jun 2014

Several folks have posted to me asking why the video of the recent Internet debate between Dr. Michael Brown and myself has been removed from YouTube. Frankly, I have no answer to that question. I hope to find out shortly. … more

3rd Jun 2014

We are thrilled to announce that today, June 3, 2014, I will be engaging Dr. Michael Brown, in a formal debate. The debate will be–if the technology works– carried live on YouTube! You can watch it live here. The debate … more

26th May 2014

I am thrilled to announce that just this morning, (5-13-14) we confirmed final agreement for a formal, moderated debate between myself and Dr. Michael Brown, a very popular Christian apologist and radio / Internet host.  Dr. Brown has done some fine work … more

24th Sep 2013

We have made excellent progress– although it has been slow– in processing the video for the recently completed formal public debate between popular radio host and author, Steve Gregg (partial preterist), and Don K. Preston, (full preterist) of Preterist Research … more

29th Jul 2013

Sam Frost was once an advocate of Covenant Eschatology. However, he abandoned that view. A little over a year ago, Sam challenged me to debate him, insisting that there was a tremendous amount of interest in such a debate, and … more

21st Mar 2013

At JaDon Management Inc. we are super excited to announce the availability of two brand new books. Below is the announcement of one of them, and the announcement of the other will follow shortly. This is your opportunity to be … more