5th Jun 2017

THE MESSIANIC BANQUET AND THE RESURRECTION OF THE JUST One of the most fascinating things about the Bible – specifically in this case about eschatology – is that there are many themes and motifs that are discussed throughout scripture. As … more

31st May 2017

The Passing of the Law of Moses and Sam Frost’s Growing Desperation – #6 Does the Old Testament Predict the Destruction of Literal Heaven and Earth? Isaiah 65 #2 Before proceeding with my examination of Isaiah 65, let me address … more

28th May 2017

Preterist Pilgrim Weekend 2017 is coming soon! July 13-15, and Preterist Pilgrim Weekend 2017, is fast approaching! We are very, very excited about this year’s PPW. We have five great speakers lined up, three of whom have never spoken on … more

10th May 2017

Upcoming Formal Debate on YouTube / FaceBook! Pickett -V Preston Exchange on the Salvation of Israel– Romans 11:25-27 We want to remind everyone to be tuning in tonight May 10, 2017, for a livestream formal debate between Dr. Himie Pickett, … more

8th May 2017

The Passing of The Law of Moses and Sam Frost’s Growing Desperation – #3 What About Those OT Prophecies of the Passing of “Heaven And Earth”? As noted in our second installment responding to Sam Frost’s article on Matthew 5:17-18 … more

7th Apr 2017

The Chameleon – Ever Changing – Theology of Sam Frost Sam Frost once espoused the truth of Covenant Eschatology. However, he abandoned that truth for some form of a futurist eschatology. Mr. Frost admits himself that his eschatology is still … more

3rd Apr 2017

Sam Frost and Howard Denham on Martyr Vindication – #6 This the conclusion of our examination of a recent exchange on FaceBook, in which Sam Frost, former preterist, and Howard Denham, church of Christ minister, sought to respond to my … more

1st Apr 2017

On FaceBook just recently, one of my friends, Kyle Tyson posted the following poem that they wrote on the reality, the beauty and the wonder of God’s fulfilled plan. I was given permission to post it here to share with … more

31st Mar 2017

The current series builds on comments made by Sam Frost, former preterist, and Howard Denham on a FaceBook page in which they claim that Covenant Eschatology is a false doctrine. They were actually responding to a YouTube series that I … more

29th Mar 2017

Sam Frost and Howard Denham on Martyr Vindication #4 Be sure to read the previous three installments in this series, in which I respond to comments made on FaceBook by Sam Frost and Howard Denham. #1   #2   #3 Back to … more