24th Apr 2018

  Responding to the Critics – Refuting Postmillennialism / Dominionism Keith Mathison: The Resurrection Is Past!  #1 In 2009, Keith Mathison released a massive work entitled From Age To Age, The Unfolding of Biblical Eschatology, (P and R Publishing, Phillipsburg, … more

23rd Apr 2018

How to Understand the Bible — Guest Article by Terry Cropper Did you know when we are reading the New Testament we are really reading someone else’s mail? We will never fully appreciate scripture until we understand how the original … more

11th Apr 2018

  The following is a transcription of one of my recent YouTube videos on the resurrection of 1 Corinthians 15. Paul and the “Body of Sin” and the “Body of Death” We have been focused over the last several videos … more

9th Apr 2018

Terry Cropper is a very good Bible student and has been involved in a study of the book of Luke for some time now. I am sharing his latest installment to share with our visitors. It is an excellent article … more

29th Mar 2018

Daniel 9:24 – Some Fulfilled Then — Some Not Fulfilled? I have been sharing with our visitors here some of the exchanges I have been having with Sam Frost, former preterist, on FaceBook. Frost now denies that Daniel 9 foretold … more

27th Mar 2018

Daniel 9:24: Did Antiochus Epiphanes Bring in Everlasting Righteousness? No, That Was Impossible in the Antiochan View Before I get into the body of this article, I want to point out that in previous articles, I pointed out that the … more

14th Mar 2018

Responding to the Critics: Daniel 9:24, Isaiah 59 And The Taking Away of Israel’s Sin I have demonstrated in two other articles examining the motif of the taking away of Israel’s sin, that Isaiah 40 and Isaiah 26-27 are directly … more

12th Mar 2018

I am glad to share an excellent article by my good friend Steven Baisden of Michigan. Steve is a minister and excellent student of the word. In this article he addresses a fundamental doctrine in the churches of Christ, and … more

10th Mar 2018

Did Daniel 9 Predict the Coming of Jesus the True Messiah — Or Antiochus Epiphanes The Seventy Week Prophecy of Daniel 9: Three Messiahs, Three Princes? Be sure to read the previous two installments #1   # 2 in this … more

28th Feb 2018

Did Daniel 9 Predict the Coming of Antiochus Epiphanes or Jesus?  #2 A Comparative look at Isaiah 26-27 and Daniel 9: Parallel Messianic Texts In our first installment, examining the claim that Daniel 9 is not Messianic, we noted how … more