26th May 2014

I am thrilled to announce that just this morning, (5-13-14) we confirmed final agreement for a formal, moderated debate between myself and Dr. Michael Brown, a very popular Christian apologist and radio / Internet host.  Dr. Brown has done some fine work … more

14th Jan 2014

Question: I would like to ask you some questions pertaining to the observance of the Law. I believe that Paul and the other believing Jews kept the Law until the end of Old Covenant aeon. I think this is made … more

Question: Don in your debate with Kevin Hartley, in NY a few years ago, he made an argument on several O.T. passages claiming that they demonstrate that time statements do not have to be taken in a literal sense. His … more

Question: I was reading the article ” I Will Make A New Covenant”. Can you explain Jeremiah 31 and could it be that Jeremiah was prophesying the return of Israel from Babylon? I understand that the two sticks being put … more

Question: If the final coming of Christ and the resurrection has already occurred — for what do we hope? What is our modern day “eschatology?” Answer: I do not believe that we are waiting an end of time, or end … more

Question: What is the day that the Son did not know about in Matthew 24:36? He knew about AD 70 because he described it in detail through verse 34. Answer: The Day that he did not know “the day and … more

Question: How do Preterist preclude Jeremiah 31 and the like “and my covenant with Zion is forever.” Answer: Many dispensationalists have in mind the following scenario. 1.) The New Covenant was to be made with Judah and Israel. 2.) God … more

It seems to me that there are many references to AD 70 as a “Judgment.” Does this mean, then, that there is no Final Judgment after the general resurrection? Is each soul today either saved or not saved by the … more

Question: Do you believe all people were reconciled to God and none are lost whether they believe they are reconciled or not? Answer: No, I do not accept the “universalistic” view of soteriology. I believe that Christ did die for … more

Question: One of the things that keeps coming up in my mind is the question of why the Revelation would be addressed to seven churches in Asia, rather than to every church everywhere, or to the churches in Judea.   … more