Each year PRI hosts an annual three day conference (Preterist Pilgrim Weekend - PPW) in Ardmore, Oklahoma where Dr. Don K. Preston and guest speakers discuss and lecture on important issues within eschatology, and Christianity in general.

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Don K. Preston produces videos and posts them Monday – Thursday of most weeks. The videos cover a wide range of topics, but are mostly focused on correcting the false views of “the end times” that trouble the church today. I want to share with you just a few of the comments received in response to the videos. I will post some of them over time, but, the ones that I will post are but a tiny fraction of the responses we get. Here is one received just today (3-30-16).

“Great you tube today Don! I really appreciated it. In fact I came across your “Beast” you tubes and when you taught the martyrs were the first fruits I actually stood up and yelled “there it is, that blows futurism out of the water”!! Woke my husband up who fell asleep lol. (He’s a pilot he was tired) I am a very visual person and I’m trying to piece a timeline together and wondered if you had a chart? I sure get confused around the resurrection, and am thankful you’re about to do a study on that.

I actually went through Ardmore a couple weeks ago on my way back to Enid, trying to avoid traffic on 35…. (Some personal details deleted for privacy concerns-DKP).

And thank you for books. I’m deep into who is this Babylon and taking notes. God Bless!


“Don, I wanted to drop you a quick note to let you know how overwhelmed and happy I am having discovered your website and Covenant Eschatology! I’m happy because things finally make sense!”

– Mike in Baltimore, Massachusetts

“Hi Don, I Just wanted to thank you for opening my eyes…to the book of Revelation.”

– David in Australia

“Thank you so much for your willingness to present Scripture as it stands on it’s own. Your devotion to God’s Word above anyone’s opinion, or tradition, is encouraging for all. Keep up the good work!”

– Joseph in Raymore, Missouri